How Reel Is Your Love?

This survey involves watching 5 film trailers and answering a short questionnaire. Your partner must also complete this survey separately.

Many thanks for taking part in this web-based psychology experiment which explores the link between what movies, books, art, theatre and music you like and your intimate relationships

As a reward for taking part in the survey you will receive exclusive free access to the app which is being developed based on this research.

Thank You. If you know of other couples who might be interested in taking part please email them the link to this web experiment.

The experiment requires you to view 5 movie trailers and then score how much you want to go and see the actual film. A brief questionnaire exploring your relationship also follows.

The experiment takes less than 5 minutes to complete and does not require you to answer any embarrassing or revealing questions.

The aim of this psychology experiment is to investigate whether there are links between your aesthetic preferences (the kinds of movies, books, art, music, fashion etc that you prefer) and who is best for you in your friendships, colleagues at work and intimate relationships.

The site will email you some feedback about yourself, from analysing your answers about who is most suited to you. The questionnaire is based on previously validated psychological testing but should not be interpreted as a replacement for seeing a professional therapist or gaining a professional assessment.

The short test you are about to take includes the validated Triangular Love Scale developed by Robert Sternberg formerly President of the American Psychological Association, whose view is that love has three key components: intimacy (warm feelings of closeness and connectedness), passion (romantic and sexual drives; physical attraction), and commitment (short and long-term intentions to maintain the connection).

The results are kept confidential and are being used to help develop an app which aims to assist people, using psychology, in finding their most compatible work colleagues, friends and romantic partners.

This survey and site has been developed by Adam Awan and Raj Persaud who are developing mobile phone apps which use psychological research to improve relationships. If you want more information you can email us at or visit the forums.